Unveiling the Best of Berlin’s Must-Visit Spots

In our post what to see in Berlin in 2 or 3 days we highlight the best of Berlin that you cannot miss if you are going to be walking through this city. This does not mean that there are not other important points, it is our opinion and according to what we were able to know, but we believe that they are the main ones in the city.

We can divide them into places that are in the center of Berlin and where by putting together a route you can reach them all on foot, while on the other hand we have remote points that are also worth knowing and that you will probably have to take the subway to get to them. .

What to visit in the center of Berlin

To cover points in zones we are going to take as a starting point the 3 main squares: Potsdamer Platz, Parizer Platz and Alexander Platz.

Those who are far from the centers can see them in What to visit in Berlin

Potsdamer Platz

Berlin was one of the first destinations in Europe and when one reads a square, one is accustomed to imagining that they are the typical squares with trees, plants, benches, games, well, Berlin, among many cities in Europe, is the exception. The square is related to a large and important meeting point where there is more cement than nature, the same goes for Alexander Platz.

The reality is that there is not much in Potsdamer Platz, the only thing that attracts attention are parts of the old Wall which are located where they used to separate this square right at the entrance to the metro station.

A few meters from there is the Sony Center , which is a fairly large and almost open-air building covered by a strange roof that lights up at night and with fascinating modern architecture. In the center you can find several restaurants and bars, an excellent option to go to eat, if it is to have dinner better for the surroundings and the prices did not seem super expensive to us, obviously it is not economical.

Checkpoint Charlie and historic places in Berlin

Not so close but it will be 10 blocks away Checkpoint Charlie , the most famous border point through which you could cross from East to West Berlin, obviously with very strict controls and only for foreigners. Today in the same place you can find a replica along with the sign that indicates when the American sector was abandoned. To avoid the tourists, you must go very early in the morning, otherwise you will find 2 people dressed as soldiers who, upon payment, can put the indicative stamp in your passport as if you had crossed.

A few meters from there is the Topography of Terror, For those who are very interested in the history of Hitler’s regime, you will be able to see images along with texts that give details of what happened to those who opposed it. If you do not have much time we do not consider it essential, entry is free.

From Potsdamer Platz you can also walk to the Fuhrer Bunker, the place where Hitler is said to have died, which is only indicated with a sign in front of a square where there are several buildings. You can’t see anything, it just marks the place where it was with some photographs, but it’s just a passing walk so you can go see it.

The last point to know to stay near Parizer Platz would be holocaust monument , which is made up of more than 2,500 concrete blocks and was built in memory of the Jews murdered in Europe. You can walk between the corridors that form the blocks where you will see that each one takes it in a different way, whether in a sad way, as an interesting experience or to have fun as if it were a labyrinth.

Parizer Platz

It is without a doubt the best of Berlin. It is the square known for being the Brandenburg Gate , Without a doubt, the main and most famous point of Berlin. From the door to the other end they must walk through Unter den Linden the main avenue of Berlin where the most important buildings are located.

Among them embassies, the Hotel Adlon the building of the New Guardthe Bebelplatz next to the building Berlin Operathe Humboldt University and the St. Hedwig’s Catholic Cathedral, until you reach the bridge that crosses the museum island.

Brandenburg Gate

It was the historic gateway to the city of Berlin, a symbol of peace over war, however it is a replica like almost everything you find in Berlin. Keep in mind that during World War II the city suffered major attacks. Permanently, unless you go very early, you will find people along with those who offer tours of the city but always in a respectful manner.

Berlin Parliament – ​​The most impressive building in the City of Berlin

If you walk in the opposite direction to Unter den Linden, walking a few steps you reach Parliament, one of the most impressive that I was able to see and to which we were unlucky not to be able to access since we did not get tickets. You can reserve them online or go that same day to see if there are any to enter. Here we leave you the link Reserve Parliament

In any case, in front of the main door they have a large park where people lie on the grass to enjoy the day along with a large number of tourists who come to take photos.

Bebel Platz

Walking from the Bradenburg Gate towards the museum island halfway through, you should take Friedrichstrabe to reach BebelPlatz, place where the famous book burning took place and learn about Gendarmenmarkt where you will find in my opinion one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin with its 2 identical churches at its ends and in the center the headquarters of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra.

Alexander Platz

If you walk along Unter den Linden, you will cross the bridge towards the museum island to find the first most important point, which is the Berlin Cathedral In my opinion, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city which you can visit and paying 7 euros to access the dome to have the best views of the city, along with the crypt, which the truth is I don’t find it very fun to see. graves but some find it interesting, I recommend it!!! . It is open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

A few meters from there you reach Alexander Platz where you will first find the Neptune Fountain, which didn’t catch my attention much. It is a pretty fountain but not so imposing next to the town hall and the Santa María Church.

However, Alexander Platz is divided into two and you will have to go through the station on the other side to get to where the World Clock and the Television Tower are located. There are some cheap places right there to have their typical sausages for lunch.

The rest of the city is worth walking because you can imagine the wall that divided the city. You notice this as the buildings and their architecture change, more than anything because of the Soviet constructions, it is quite easy to notice and it is entertaining to imagine that despite everything that has happened.

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