Tropical Tranquility: Your Route to Praia do Sancho Revealed

Our second day in Noronha started out a little cloudy, but anyway we had decided that what we would visit first would be Bahia do Sancho. We also knew in advance that we were going to visit it twice during the 6 days we would be on the island.

And so it was, we got up at 8 in the morning, had breakfast that was included in the inn and began walking to the bus stop.

By the way, to get to the stop we had to walk 5 blocks up and down and we knew that the bus would take time. So on the second day we were already hating it, but it was what allowed us to get everywhere economically.

We get on the bus and in a few 10 minutes We were already going down, I think that from end to end the bus should not take more than 25 minutes. From the stop we had to walk another 10 minutes but to reach the entrance of the Noronha National Marine Park where the Bahia Do Sancho is located.

Entrance to the Fernando de Noronha National Marine Park

Upon entering, there is first a parking lot, in case they rent the buggy, and then the center of said place, with all the recommendations about what you can and cannot do, park hours, what animals we can find, etc.

When we enter the center, it is the last place to shop food Drink or if they want a souvenir, although the latter is better on the way back.

If you have not already purchased your tickets to the national park at the visitor center, they can do it in this bay center without problems. The value is 211 reais and you can pay both in cash and by card. The same serves for 10 days , there is nothing of lesser value or time. For the procedure they only ask for some information and your passportdocument or photocopy.

Once you pay, they give you a magnetic card that you swipe through the reader to enter each beach that is within the national park: Sancho, Sueste and Leao, as well as if you go diving.

We recommend you bring bottles since they only charge you for the recharge and also help with the environment. The island is well cared for and there is a lot of awareness regarding this issue. All the garbage is always divided and the care of animals and plants is strict, so I think it is not necessary to clarify it but let’s respect this, please!!

As for food, we also brought a thermal bag and bought bread, ham and cheese at the supermarket to later eat on the beach. So bringing something to keep is a good option too. As I told you, this center is the only place that sells food and from the beach it is quite a long stretch, not to mention the stairs!!!

First Stop: Mirante Dos Golfinhos

As you will see, the park is equipped with walkways and you walk along them for about 10 minutes until you reach the viewpoint. Shade is something that is scarce throughout the island so the ideal is to start early. We arrived at 9 at the Mirante, where we found another couple of Argentinians who were hoping to see dolphins since 8:30 and they had not shown up.

The person in charge of that place tells us that they showed up at 6:30 and had not returned. That they are usually seen 94% of the time and that they generally return. So we decided to stay a little longer contemplating the incredible landscape that this part of Fernando de Noronha offers us.

The good thing is that they give you right there binoculars , at no cost, just by writing down a form. And the truth is that not many people come close to this point, so it is super quiet.

Almost ready to give up, at 9:30 they showed up!!! We stayed for a long time looking at them, there were about 15 of them together who stayed wandering around the bay. So we were more than happy to take some photos and continue to Bahia do Sancho.

What to see and do in Praia do Sancho

From Mirante dos Golfinhos we walked to the famous Noronha beach, chosen by Tripadvisor as number 1 in the world.

There is a direct path from the viewpoint between the trees and where there is no walkway. If you are afraid of bugs and walking through the vegetation, you should return to the center and from there take the path to Sancho Bay.

The good thing is that if you take the direct path, until you reach the entrance to the beach you will come across 2 viewpoints on the way from where you have other views of the bay.

Upon arriving at Bahia do Sancho we find the stairs that allow access to the beach. Without realizing it, we were going to go down and they told us that we had to wait for the descent time since it only goes one person at a time. Imagine the mess we would have made!!!

If you pay attention both in the center and when you get to the beach there is a sign with descent and ascent schedules. Except first thing in the morning and at the end where it is released.

Access consists of 2 completely vertical iron stairs and then stone stairs to the beach. At the end of the post we leave you the Youtube video so you can see what the route is like.

Regarding the times, before going down, take a photo or remember the time you are going to go up based on the sign because you will only be able to do it during the permitted times.

Reduce cost a little because if you carry a backpack it almost scrapes by, so don’t go very loaded either. Climbing up was also worse because the stone steps are the most tiring.

Bahia do Sancho was what we had seen in photos and imagined a true paradise.

The first thing we did was search shade, something that is scarce on the beaches of Noronha. Only a few trees and some large stones allow us to find it, accumulating with the few tourists who come to spend the day on the beach.

In Bahia do Sancho we don’t find any stalls, it’s just the beach, so you have to bring everything you need. Because if they forget something, going back up is not pleasant at all.

We carried some sandwiches in a conservative bag and our bottles loaded with water. We had a small mishap when taking out the food, watch the video!!

In addition to the number of fish that can be seen when doing Snorkeling There are also giant crabs that occupy a small part of the beaches and the stones that begin to appear when the tide goes out.

If you didn’t take them to snorkel throughout the island They rent each item for 10 reais for 24 hours. We rent only the fins.

Afterwards in Bahia do Sancho there is not much else to do other than walk it from end to end, which in itself is quite long, we did not imagine it like that. And then sunbathe, take photos and be surprised all day by the place where we are.

Praia do Sancho: Is it the best beach in the world?

We believe that there is no best beach in the world and that the choice is very subjective, each person will choose the best beaches based on their preferences. Wow, there is a list of the 10 best beaches and this beach has to be on it, without a doubt.

The color of the water, its transparency, the golden sand, the amount of vegetation, animals, marine life, the care of the beaches, cleanliness, tranquility, little tourism, how calm the water is, the security of being able to leave your things in anywhere and I could go on mentioning features. It is a beach that encompasses all the things we want a beach to have.

Maybe I would tell them that we saw the best color of water in the Maldives, but in the Maldives you only see sand and water. It does not have formations as gigantic as those we see in Thailand but which explode with tourism.

It doesn’t have the best color or the best vegetation but it has almost the best of everything and that for us makes it one of the best beaches in the world.

Mirante Dois Irmaos

Type 3 in the afternoon we picked up our things and went back up. We knew we would return and we wanted to continue exploring other places on the island. As we told you, we already had the schedule so we didn’t even have to wait.

The next point was to visit the Mirante dos Irmaos, the most famous point in Noronha for the two twin stones with which everyone is going to take their photo. When I say everyone, I’m talking about the few visitors the island has and if we line up there will be maybe 2 people ahead of us.

From the viewpoint you also have incredible views of Bahia do Sancho. However, be careful because you may slip on some stones and they won’t tell the story.

The mirante dois irmaos has a viewpoint but then you can leave the viewpoint and take photos without any obstacles. Below what you see is Bahia Dos Porcos, another of the island’s gems.

Here we spent a good time taking photos because the place is worth it and from here we returned to the center again to head towards the beach that had impressed us from above.

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