Seven Days in Paradise: Monteverde’s Attractions on Your Final Day in Costa Rica

From Playa Avellanas we left for Monteverde in the afternoon with the intention of arriving before nightfall. We knew that the road to the Monteverde reserve was a little complicated but it is one of the tourist attractions in Costa Rica and we couldn’t miss it.

From Guanacaste it is approximately 3 hours of travel where the last hour becomes a dirt road, stones, wells and uphill.

As we went up to Monteverde we saw an incredible sunset coming and by luck of life, we found a house that had a sign that said Sunset view.

It was the house of a large couple who offered what would be the patio of their house to enjoy the sunset. They have some benches to sit on and also bathrooms to spend the night. They only ask for tips at will and they receive you with great happiness. Therefore, if you go at that time you already have one of the things to do in Monteverde.

We were there until the sun went down, realizing that it was starting to get dark and we still had a little more than half an hour to get there. Further ahead there are places to stop but there is not much place to park, so if you see it in passing I recommend that you stop at that house.

What to do one day in Monteverde

We arrived at night in Monteverde to the house of a Tica woman, who had offered to welcome us into her house. For us, it is part of the trip to be able to learn a little about local life and this is one of the best ways we found.

The climate in Monteverde is super different from what we came from, we went from the unbearable heat of Guanacaste to the drizzle and cold at night. We settled into the house, chatted for a while, getting to know each other and went to eat at a restaurant in the center of Monteverde, which in itself is very picturesque to take a walk around.

The next day we got up for 2 of the activities that you have to do in Monteverde, yes or yes because they are the best known: Canopy and hanging bridges. You can do these 2 activities on your own by going to the places that offer them without having to book any tour.

For this, we recommend that you spend the night in Monteverde like we did or that you arrive early to spend the whole day and leave Monteverde the next day. It is really not advisable to do the route at night because if they puncture or break something it is not a very busy route and if they have to help them I estimate that they could stay there for hours.

One option is to leave super early from the coastal area to be in Monteverde at 9 in the morning and return around 5 to be on the cement at dusk.

Hanging bridges

One of the most famous activities in Monteverde are its hanging bridges in the middle of the jungle. There are 2 companies that offer it, or at least they are the ones we saw during the suspension bridges route. We did it at Sky Adventures, the other is Selvatura Monteverde. We arrived at the parking lot of the place, which is open and free. The day was beautiful, something not very common in Monteverde, imagine what they call the cloud forest.

We get out of the car and are greeted by a curious coati who already wanted to get in with us. We had a guided tour of the bridges but we arrived earlier and were able to leave on the earlier tour. For guided tours there are fixed schedules, otherwise you can do it on your own. The difference is knowing a little more about the forest and seeing animals that are impossible to see if the guide does not warn you. If you are nature fans, go with a guide, otherwise we recommend that you do it on your own, not to mention if you don’t have much time.

Before leaving and as it was quite early, we had breakfast right there, since there is a confectionery in the building.

The place has 6 bridges, the highest of them being 70 meters and the longest almost 250 meters. For those who have vertigo at heights, it is not highly recommended since you can see down the bridges and they move a little, and thinking that it is a suspension bridge does not help at all.

The guided walk lasts approximately 80 minutes and once it is over, if you want, you can do it again on your own, repeating the bridge that you liked the most or to take some calmer photos.

The place also has a canopy but we did it in another park that is supposedly better.

To take the tour the price is 41 dollars whether guided or not. And the times with guide are 8:00am | 9:00am | 10:30am | 12:00pm | 1:00pm | 2:00pm.


As we mentioned about the Canopy, we did it in another park called 100% adventure. It also has hanging bridges and other activities that are outside the $50 canopy fee.

The tour includes 9 zip lines, although the first ones are short. The best are the last 3 with 600 meters and 2 kilometers (the longest in Latin America).

In the latter, they get up quite a bit of speed and the best of all is that they are in the superman position, that is, lying down. So you feel like you are flying through the jungle and there is quite a bit of height to the ground.

They also have a rappel that does not require much difficulty and the icing on the cake, a free fall to end up swinging between the trees Tarzan style.

So if you didn’t know what to do in Monteverde, you now have enough to entertain yourself for a full day. Without a doubt, Monteverde must be added to the things to do in Costa Rica.

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