Santiago Sanctuary: Discovering the Optimal Areas for Accommodation

It is always difficult to choose and decide where to stay, what is the best area, what is convenient in terms of transportation, etc. That is why we make this post to recommend what to choose when it comes to accommodation in Santiago de Chile.

Santiago de Chile is an easy city to get around, so in our opinion it is mainly located near a metro station and secondly, choose your location according to your interests.

To make it more practical in terms of what could be called tourist areas, we can divide Santiago into 2 parts. One, what would be the old town, is the center of Santiago and on the other side the most modern part where the financial area, shopping malls and the most expensive neighborhoods are located.

Therefore, if your intention when visiting Santiago is mainly to visit its history, monuments, museums and typical neighborhoods, we would undoubtedly choose to stay in the center of Santiago.

Accommodation in the Las Condes area

On the contrary, if you prefer to go shopping in Santiago and stay in more modern neighborhoods, you should choose a hotel in the Condes neighborhood, Vitacura, etc.

Always remember to try to find accommodation in Santiago de Chile near a metro as it will make it much easier for you to move from one place to another and spend less on transportation. Unless your option is not to move from the center of Santiago, since if you only go shopping you will also visit several shopping malls and you will also be forced to take the subway.

As for the night, the downtown areas can be a little darker and not so recommended for walking so late, in any case we didn’t have any problems but we have been warned on several occasions more than anything because of the camera. However, neighborhoods like Lastarria or Bellavista have a great gastronomic offer and are an excellent option to enjoy the night.

On the Condes side, we have been told that you can walk at night without any problem and it has a number of high-quality restaurants with beautiful atmosphere, although obviously the prices are higher.

Our accommodation in Santiago de Chile

In our case we divided the trip and did part of it in the center of Santiago and another in Las Condes.

In the first case we stayed at the Matildas Hotel Boutique, a hotel that we fell in love with in terms of its construction and interiors as well as the kindness of its staff. It is an old house built by architects in 1912, it was completely restored preserving its original classic French appearance, three stories high with details that make it unique. It has a library and a beautiful garden to enjoy breakfast or just relax. The rooms are very comfortable. In terms of location, it is located a few meters from the main points of interest such as the Palacio de la Moneda, Plaza de Armas, etc. It is also close to 2 metro stations. Also excellent location to get to by bus from the airport.

In the second case we chose the Hotel Directo el Golf, which we loved its location since it was a few meters from the Costanera Center, the largest shopping center in Santiago, from which we went and walked back repeatedly when we had free time. It is also located a few meters from a metro station. At the same time, it is surrounded by restaurants, art galleries and recreation centers.

The rooms are also very spacious with very nice decoration details and large windows from which we could see the mountain range. We can also find a hotel from the same chain in the Vitacura neighborhood.

In both hotels we enjoyed an excellent breakfast to recharge our batteries and enjoy our tour in the best way.

How to get around Santiago de Chile

Without a doubt, the best option is the metro. We always use metro or Uber. In the case of the bus, we did not see the opportunity to use it if or if they have to buy the card that is sold in the metro stations and they must charge it every time they use it, being able to use it on both transports.

If you are not going to use the bus, it is not advisable to buy the card and pay at the ticket office every time you use the metro. We were struck by how neglected the buses are and we have been told that since they belong to the State and the majority of society uses the metro, no investments are made in said transportation.

Recommendation and from experience do not use taxis, always use the Uber application, it is cheaper, safer and there is no way to get scammed. In our case we did not have internet and we had no other option. Not only did we take 6 Uber with what we paid, but they also charged us the price of the tolls multiplied by 5 when we didn’t really know what we were getting. If you are going to use a taxi, go with the path indicated beforehand so that you cannot go around and time runs out.

To use the application, most places usually have Wi-Fi, but also know that you can purchase a chip to recharge data and use it at all times.

How to get from Santiago Airport to the Center

The easiest options are private transportation such as taxi, hotel transfer or Uber.

If you want to take the cheapest one, it was the one we used, which is to take the bus called centropuerto that for approximately $50 Argentine pesos leaves you at the Las Heroes metro station. You can get off earlier since the tour ends there. From there we walked to our hotel since it was only 6 blocks but from there you can take line 1, which is the main line and that is why we also always recommend being close to a metro station when choosing accommodation in Santiago de Chile since There they will walk to their hotel. For which they will pay $50 pesos per person against an Uber that can cost $300. Yes, an Uber may be convenient if there are 4 people since it is convenient to divide and leave them at the door of your hotel.

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