Railway Odyssey: Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka via the Shinkansen

My places to visit besides Tokyo were Kyoto and Osaka, to get to these places I had to take the shinkansen, fast train, to be in those parts in about 3 hours.

In my case, as I already told you in previous posts, I used the Jr Pass. So just reserve your seat a day in advance to travel without worries. I made the reservation when enabling the pass at Tokyo Central Station in just 10 minutes.

Shinkansen: High-speed train from Tokyo to Kyoto

The train is the same both to go from Tokyo to Kyoto and to Osaka. Precisely the line Tokaido Hikari. In my case I decided to go directly to Osaka, stop in Kyoto on the way back and then return to Tokyo again.

To take it you can do it either from the central Station like Shinawa. Many say that the latter is easier to find the trains but the truth is that even though Tokyo station is huge, it was not difficult for me to find the train lines at all.

To access the bullet train lines, the JR pass system works the same as with local trains, you just have to go through the security checkpoint and it will allow us to pass.

If you go to Kyoto, the station has the same name and it will be announced over loudspeakers and you will get off without any problems. In the case of Osaka, you must get off at Shin–Osaka. There is a difference of about 30 minutes between both stations.

Inside the fastest trains in Japan

Already having entered this train with a spatial format. Previously, I bought something to eat and drink at the businesses on the platforms and looked for a place to leave the suitcase. They had told me that there was no assigned place for large suitcases.

To my surprise, above the seats there is a large suitcase No problem. There is also plenty of space between seats and in the first seats of each car there are retractable armchairs where you can leave it. Of course, it says that you notify the inspector beforehand otherwise they may be removed from the train.

As for the rows, they are 2 and 3 with normal seats, the truth is I expected something of a higher level because of how striking it is on the outside, but the reality is that inside it is quite ordinary.

What did catch my attention is that the bathrooms are open with sinks and just some curtains for the toilets.

Is it necessary to reserve the seat?

No less important fact is that it is not necessary to reserve a seat since cars 1 to 5 are assigned to those who do not have a reservation, it is just a matter of arriving early. The truth is that from Tokyo to Kyoto I arrived a few minutes early and without a reservation it traveled more than well. It is always best to have your seat secured. But more so in the case of Tokyo, where the train leaves from there, there is no problem with going without a reservation.

During the trip you don’t hear anything, it’s super quiet. They pass by selling food and the inspectors bow every time they enter and leave the stall. It is incredible to see them because during the trip each inspector must do it about 10 times.

The trains go at an approximate speed of 300 km/h but the truth is that you don’t even realize it. You just see things go by quickly and there isn’t much scenery to admire, so take advantage of it to sleep if you start early.

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