Navigating the Beauty of Cocora Valley’s Palm-Filled Landscape

Our first place to visit in Colombia was the Coffee Region, and for this we took a flight from Buenos Aires to Pereira with Copa Airlines, previously making a stopover in Panama. That is why in this first article from Colombia we are going to tell you what to do in the Coffee Axis.

5 Things to do in the Coffee Axis

There are several things you can do in the Coffee Axis, but these are the most important and what you can do. visit in 3 days if you go to this area of ​​Colombia. For those coffee lovers it is a place that should not be missed, although the landscapes are also truly incredible.

First, keep in mind that to get to Salento from Pereira you can rent a car or do it by bus. If they decide rent a car Like us, it is important that you exchange money at the airport since the tolls are only charged in cash. We must tell you that the route to the destination is very well maintained, so that does not represent a problem at all.

Sleeping in a Coffee Farm – What to do in the Coffee Axis

In our case we chose Finca el Ocaso to spend our stay in the coffee region. Please know that to get to the farm the route is dirt, and if it rains it gets quite muddy, which means taking great care and taking time to enter or leave the farm.

If you don’t rent a car, everything is a little more complicated, since when you arrive with the bus to the center of Salento, from there you have to take a transfer from the main square to the accommodation.

If you go by car, it takes an hour and a half to Salento and from there it takes another half hour to the farm.

The the Ocaso farm It is one of the oldest, about 100 years since it was born and just like we did, you can sleep in the same farm that served from its creation until now for the Coffee process.

In addition to the incredible landscape and living this spectacular experience, of course they drink very good coffee, and for this the place has a beautiful cafeteria with amazing views of the entire valley.

The Cocora Valley – Something you have to do in the Coffee Region

With our car we went from the farm to the Cocora Valley. You can park your car right there with a payment at will and from there start walking according to the path you choose.

The entrance to the valley has a value of 10,000 Colombians, since you pay half to enter and the other half to leave, unless you enter and exit on the same side, which would be by taking the short path.

The short route lasts about 2 hours versus 5/6 that the length lasts. After an hour’s walk you will find the first viewpoint to take beautiful photos of the Valley with these palm trees of about 70 meters that make this place so famous. In addition, there are usually many condors flying over the area.

After a few minutes and of course with greater height, you reach viewpoint number 2. Both viewpoints are worth it and the views are quite different. From here you can return to the beginning or continue to the farm in the highest part to finish going down the bridge path. Others also recommend doing it the other way around, but for us doing it the way we did is the best option.

How to be prepared for the Cocora Valley

It’s very important wear clothes in layers since the climate is very changeable and even more so if they ascend to the farm. It is characterized by being humid but at the same time if you don’t have sun it is quite cold.

On the farm they only offer bread, coffee or tea, so it is best to carry something to eat in your backpack and lastly only have something hot.

Already at the farm, as we had told you, it started to rain with everything, so you must come prepared for that and if it is with good shoes better!

If you go from the farm, the path is all downhill through the jungle and until the end of the route to have as a reference They cross about 7 bridges. However, from the moment you start until they charge you the 5,000 exit fee, you will cross 5 bridges and from the moment you pay, it takes 10 minutes to exit where you will cross the other 2 bridges.

Visit the city of Salento and Filandia

Starting from Plaza Bolivar, the main square of this small city, we find only one historical building on its corner because the city was completely rebuilt due to different earthquakes.

Salento is the first city to be founded in the Quindio area, which is why it has a lot of history for Colombia. The road that linked the Pacific to Bogota passed through here, being the main commercial route many years ago.

One of the main tourist places is the real street the first street of the town, where some historic houses are preserved and which by the way is extremely picturesque.

Around the square we find the classic buildings such as the municipality, the police, the church and then restaurants and different commercial establishments. From this same square the willys leave towards the Cocora Valley.

At the end of the royal street you have to go up to the Salento viewpoint to see the town from above and a little of the landscape that characterizes the coffee axis.

Another thing to do in the coffee axis is visit the city of Finland with the same charm as Salento but even smaller.

It is located 30 minutes from Salento and you can visit it on the way either going to or returning from Salento. In our case, going to Medellin we stopped for lunch since there are beautiful places to do so and we recommend trying the trout, which is the typical dish of this area.

The street frozen in time is the famous street in Filandia that also leaves directly from the square and in just half a day you can easily explore this town.

Take a coffee tour

For those coffee lovers or those interested in this very interesting product and even more so for Colombia, you have to take a coffee tour in the Coffee Axis.

In our case, since we were already staying in a coffee farm, we did it right there. In this case you can choose 2 types of toursone that lasts an hour and a half that shows the coffee process ending with a coffee test and another that lasts about 3 hours which already includes a coffee tasting not only to taste the different varieties but also learn how to differentiate them.

Of course, to take the tour it is not mandatory to be staying at the Finca. The Coffee tour begins by learning a little about the work that people do in the coffee plantations, as well as seeing how this seed is generated and grows.

Afterwards they also make you work a little collecting grains to differentiate those that are ripe from those that are not or have imperfections.

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