Morrocoy Keys Unveiled: Your Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Ones

We arrived in Venezuela. After a long time of wanting to visit this country and its beautiful beaches. The reality is that we were always fascinated with Los Roques, but after researching we discovered the keys of Morrocoy and Canaima and we said, well, let’s go away for about 15 days to discover something more about this incredible country.

We left Buenos Aires with a Copa Airlines flight, stopping in Panama and then 2 hours to Valencia.

Normally people fly to Caracas, but Valencia is the closest city to visit the Morrocoy keys, saving about 2 hours of travel time.

We spent the night in Valencia and left for the Morrocoy National Park, which would take us an hour and a half of travel along the famous path of happiness, a stretch of the coastal route full of palm trees.

Accommodation to visit the Morrocoy keys

In our case we stayed at Posada La Ardileña, one of the best accommodations to visit the Morrocoy keys. The cost of the night is around $150 per person and includes everything except alcoholic beverages.

The good thing is that in addition to meals, it includes transportation to the Morrocoy keys, getting to know a new one every day.

Furthermore, in each key, an umbrella assigned to you with the chairs is already waiting for you and they bring you a refrigerator with food to have lunch and spend the day on the key.

Normally you leave in the morning and return between 3 and 5 p.m., you choose that depending on what you want. In our case, the first day we arrived at noon and we went straight to the first key of Morrocoy.

All the meals we tried at the inn were spectacular, since the issue of shortages is not a problem in Venezuela. Luckily all that ended a few years ago and we even ate much better than we expected. What you do keep in mind is that the meals are à la carte or set menu for noon, it is not like an all-inclusive where you can eat what you want all the time. I would take it more as a full board. Every time you return from the Morrocoy keys they wait for you with a coconut or you can order a smoothie accompanied with empanaditas or tequeños.

Cayo Sombrero – The most famous of the Morrocoy keys

Perhaps what most characterizes this key is that it is one of the largest in the park and therefore has more beach and more space. It is also the only one where we could see many palm trees, in the others there are usually small trees.

What one can affirm is that the water in all the Morrocoy keys is super transparent and with an ideal temperature. Also, being cays, the beaches are almost pools because the water is very shallow and usually protected by coral. Ideal for boys!

In this key, perhaps what we recommend if you are looking for tranquility is to avoid it on weekends since a lot of people arrive, mainly places with loud music all day long. That depends on each person’s tastes.

Even we later came back on a weekday and it was something totally different. On this key they also have a restaurant to eat in case meals are not included with your accommodation.

In all cases you take the boat to the beach and get off there with your things. It is best to have an airtight bag but taking into account the depth to which the boat approaches you will not have problems.

From the Posada La Ardileña it is only about 10 minutes by boat to this key, there are even others that are only 5 minutes away. This will depend on where you are staying.

Other keys of Morrocoy that you can visit

Cayo Playuela

In this case you only enter through a mangrove, so here they will not have boats moored on the beach as happens in Cayo Sombrero.

And in this case it is completely covered by a large coral barrier, which is why the beach is even calmer. They don’t have a restaurant here, but they do have vendors who spend all their time selling mostly fish and seafood.

Really, the sellers are something that cannot be avoided, but they do not get annoying or rude like perhaps some of you have had bad experiences on some other beach. All Venezuelans are very friendly, or at least most of them.

From Playuela you can walk to Playuelita, it is another beach in another area of ​​the key that is a little more rugged but very similar. It is more than anything to walk a little for those restless people who get bored with the beach. Of course, it is key to bring your own snorkel so you don’t have to rent it.

The Juanes

Particularly in this case we are not talking about a key, but rather a natural pool since there is no beach. But the truth is that it is super low and the water reaches your waist. There are several pools of this style and you won’t visit these if you stay in La Ardileña because of course there is no place to put your umbrella and eat.

In our case we left early with a boat to see different keys of Morrocoy and not be left with just the 3 that we would know while at the inn.

It is a great way to get to know several keys and enjoy the day to the fullest.

Pescadores Cay

One of our favorites because of the color of the water and the depth of the water. We stayed here for a long time until noon. It’s funny to see how the vendors come with their refrigerators floating to offer you their products.

But in our case from here we went again to Key Sombrero to enjoy our lunch since on this day the Ardileña had chosen said Key to put up the umbrellas. Even if you go by boat on your own, you can later go and enjoy lunch with the chairs and umbrella or in any case ask for the refrigerator to be prepared and eat wherever you want on the boat.

Blue Cay

We went after Hat and we also went again on our last day before leaving for Caracas since it was the key that the inn had chosen to spend the day.

It is one of the quietest keys, there are usually not many people because the beach is quite narrow. But water is just as incredible as the others.

Cayo Tucupido

Finally, another natural pool, here we were alone, and the captain told us that a few years ago it was dangerous to do so since a boat could approach to rob you when they saw that you were alone.

On the contrary, it doesn’t happen now and we were able to enjoy a great end to the day in absolute peace.

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