Los Angeles on Wheels: The Top 10 Advantages of Renting a Car for Your Trip

Before talking about renting a car in Los Angeles, it is worth noting that it is the most popular and also the most populated city in California. There are many places that can be visited there and its fame is mainly due to the exploitation of cinema and TV, but also incredible beaches that give rise to the most famous spots in California.

During award seasons, some wait for hours outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills just to see their favorite artists pass by, even if it’s just for a few seconds. Go for some waves on the incredible beaches or even have fun at Universal Studios, but either way visiting this city has its advantages. It will always make you have a pleasant anecdote to tell later.

But, apart from how glamorous this metropolis can be, we have to be honest and tell you that its public transport system is too terrible, especially for tourists, since the points of interest are not that close to each other, so it is A true martyrdom to be able to visit them all, or at least in the time one would expect. That is why today we will dedicate ourselves exclusively to telling you what benefits you can obtain as we have done, renting a vehicle in Los Angeles.

Why should you rent a car in Los Angeles?

Just as happens in Miami, Orlando or Fort Lauderdale, in this city everything is far from everything and is linked together by long avenues, highways and elevated roads. So, the best thing in this case is to get around in a private vehicle so as not to depend on the schedules of buses and trains, nor on how congested their endless stops may be. This place was certainly made for driving.

But beyond how chaotic public transportation can be, we tell you some of the main advantages of renting a car in Los Angeles. Take note!

1. Autonomy

There is nothing like traveling freely and visiting destinations at ease without anyone taking your time or telling you when to eat, what time to return, etc. That feeling of independence, of organizing your itinerary as you prefer, is priceless. By renting a car, you can visit what you want and take the time to enjoy the experience, being free to decide whether to stay longer or leave earlier.

2. Save money

The daily cost of a rented car is established with a fixed rate that remains the same regardless of how many companions you bring. However, when you travel with a group of people on public transportation you have to add the cost of each person’s tickets to various places. in the same day, so the account goes up and up, not to mention that you have to do the same thing for many days.

On the other hand, you have the advantage of being able to reserve the car you want if you do it with enough time in advance (at least two weeks before the trip), as it will be cheaper. Likewise, you will get a better price if you use it in the low season and if you rent it for longer, that is, the more days you use it, the cheaper the rental will be.

3. You travel insured

You should know that when renting a car you have the option of including insurance that covers damage due to accidents that may occur while you are using it. Some of the ones you can include are Rental Vehicle Coverage (collisions, thefts, accidents) and Third Party Insurance (it is mandatory only in certain states of the country). If you purchase them in your online reservation, they can be much cheaper than purchasing them at the counter when picking up the car.

Many times the parking lots are public, and although there is always security, it is always advisable not to leave anything inside. In the photo you can see one of the cars he had rented in Los Angeles

4. Impossible to get lost

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know the city (it may be the first time you travel to Los Angeles or that you don’t remember the routes very well), when renting a car you can request that they integrate a GPS device so that you can locate the places you want and the routes. access to reach them.

My recommendation is that if you have data on your cell phone, download Waze or Google Maps so you know in real time if there are any delays along the way and be able to get everywhere safely. We also advise you to have Google maps downloaded to use them when you do not have Internet access (in some places the connection may fail).

5. First and foremost, the convenience of renting a car in Los Angeles

You will never recover the time you lose on each transfer walking on public transport. There are times when you are not even lucky enough to take a route without transfers, so you can feel like the trip is going away from one place to another and not enjoying each one as much as you would like.

You can also indulge like I did, and rent a convertible. In that city they are enjoyed and many walk with them.

In any case, having a car at your disposal is going to totally change that panorama. In addition, if you travel with your small children you forget about putting a car on the LA metro, since you can include a baby or child seat in the car (mandatory up to age eight in California), as well as register an additional driver over 25 years old (recommended for long trips) and, best of all, you will be able to store your luggage and purchases in the trunk without having to carry them between one trip and another.

6. Take a Road Trip

This is perhaps the most important reason of all for its practicality. If you plan to take the famous route along the West Coast of the United States, ride in a rental car It’s the best idea you can have. You will be able to travel through California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada in the same trip. Remember that you can opt for the service One Waywith which you can deliver the vehicle in a city other than where you picked it up.

The stages of this tour are:

  • California: Los Angeles, Disneyland and San Diego.
  • Arizona: Phoenix, Seligman, Williams, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon National Park, Antelope Canyon and Glen Canyon.
  • Utah: Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and Zion National Park.
  • Nevada: Hoover Dam and Las Vegas.
  • California (return): Death Valley, Yosemite National Park, Oakland and San Francisco.

Now taking all this into account, are you going to prefer public transportation or rent a car in Los Angeles for your private use? There are many advantages of touring the city in one; We assure you that the experience will be much better.

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