Lakefront Wonders: One-Day Adventure Exploring Zurich’s Best Tourist Spots

Zurich was ours base to move around Switzerland and get to know Bern, Lucerne and Interlaken. We arrived in Geneva on a flight from Paris and from there we had about 3 hours by train to this city. Luckily we stayed near the station to walk with your suitcases and be close to all the things there are to do in Zurich.

What tourist places to visit in Zurich

Zurich is a fairly small city but a little bigger than the others we visited. In any way in one day You can get to know the main points, but if you have 2 it is ideal for walking more calmly.

Starting from the Train station These are the places you cannot miss in Zurich.


Zurich’s Bahnhofplatz is located on one side of the Hauptbahnhof, Switzerland’s main train station. One of the squares where the most traffic circulates since cars, buses and the tram come together. We moved with him Swiss transport pass which helped us move around Switzerland without having to pay any extra, using trains, buses and trams.

In the center of the square you can see the monument dedicated to Alfred Escher. He was the promoter of the Gotthard railway line, which links Switzerland with Italy by train.

From this square we begin to walk through one of the best-known shopping streets in Zurich.


The main shopping area is in the center of the city, making it ideal for pedestrians. A visit to the famous Bahnhofstrasse, one of the most beautiful shopping streets in Europe. Elegant fashion stores, shopping galleries, banks and sweet shops.

Imagine that if Switzerland is already expensive, looking at anything on this avenue is impossible for our pockets. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop visiting it since the mix of architecture with the tram passing by makes it unique. We will walk along this avenue 12 blocks until reaching the shores of Lake Zurich.


In this next square we will find ourselves on the shores of the Zürichsee, Zurich’s main lake.

This lake can be navigated all year round since it is not only a tourist attraction but the boats connect all the towns on the shores of this immense lake. Something more than special is that two of these are historic paddle steamers.

zurich opera

In Zurich you can enjoy excellent works up close. The Zurich Opera House, with 1,100 seats, is the smallest of the international opera houses.

But thanks to the 17 premieres and 26 revivals a year, it has one of the most varied programs. Among them, popular works, famous singers but also regular premieres, children’s operas and ballet.

Grossmunster Climb the tower for views of the city

The Grossmünster is a Reformed Protestant church in the historic center of Zurich and one of the city’s most famous landmarks. The Romanesque church that still exists today was begun around 1100.

Guided tours are also offered. The Karlsturm is one of the two towers of the Grossmünster, the symbol of Zurich. From there you have a wonderful perspective of the roofs of the old town, the lake and even the peaks of the Alps.

Price: to climb the 184 steps of the tower you have to pay approximately 2 euros, and you can access from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Fraumunster church stadhous

lThe “Fraumünster Kirche” on the western bank of the Limmat is one of the monuments of Zurich with its greenish tower.

The church was built from the mid-9th century on the opposite side of the river from the Grossmünster church.


Münsterhof is a square located in the Lindenhof neighborhood, in the historic center of Zurich, Switzerland. Münsterhof is the largest city square within the Zurich Altstadt and is surrounded by medieval buildings

st peter church

St. Peter’s Church in Zurich is the only baroque church in the city. The clock in the church tower is the largest in Europe. It is the oldest parish church in Zurich, dating back to the time before the year 900.


In this historic center you will find medieval alleys, the best churches in Zurich, craftsmen’s workshops and a hill with Roman ruins and a beautiful view.

The Lindenhof town center is one of the oldest areas of Zurich and is ideal for learning about the history of the city. The nice thing is to go up to relax and admire the wonderful view of the city, unfortunately it started to rain for us and we couldn’t stay long, but it is definitely worth going up because it is a free view.

Walking along the cobbled streets through the town of Lindenhof will take you along medieval alleys, small boutiques, cafes, courtyards, fountains and historic houses. Buildings such as the old and new town hall also stand out in the city.

Niederdorf strasse

Just behind the Grossmünster Church, following the trail along the banks of the Limmat River, go down Niederdorf Street to get lost in the historic center of Zurich. This is one of the busiest avenues in the city: during the day it is the main artery for shops and shopping, but when evening falls, at dusk, the street is packed with people who fill the terraces (in summer) and the venues in the area, becoming the epicenter of the nightlife offer. From midday it is a hive of people who go to any of its many cafes or restaurants to have breakfast, have an aperitif, lunch or dinner, making up the most suggestive area to enjoy a work lunch or an informal dinner.

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