Island Arrival: Embarking on Our First Day Adventure

At 12 at night we left for Fernando de Noronha, an island that had been on our minds for quite some time. I think that, as happens to many, it makes them angry to spend so much to go so close, but not knowing it is a shame.

At 5 in the morning we arrived at our first stopover, Strength. Now Goal has direct flights to Recife It was our second stopover, so keep that in mind when booking your ticket.

The other airline that flies to Fernando de Noronha is Blue. From Recife we ​​leave at 10 in the morning to arrive at the island at 12, it’s one more hour.

The most important information for this flight is to choose left side window because you see the classic postcard of the island, but on the right there are also good views, don’t worry…

The flight from Recife is super short, 1 hour and you fly low but you see almost nothing during the flight, only the sea. When we landed, only our plane was on the runway. And of course only 2 airlines operate with 2 daily flights each. From the track the only thing you can see is the Cerro do Pico, the highest point in Fernando de Noronha. From the plane it is a few steps to the small building.

1 . Entrance to the Island of Fernando de Noronha – preservation fee

The building only has a single, fairly small entrance where we meet those who control the entrance fee to Fernando de Noronha. This rate you can pay right there something that the majority does or You can save time and do it online. When I say that they save time, I mean it, because they give them a form to fill out, they have to control that data, pay and all that takes several minutes. You can pay in Cash or credit card. Of course, if you carry cash, go with reals.

If you pay it online and we leave you the page here, you will only check your form and that you have paid. The rows are different. In a few minutes we were outside, previously passing through a reader who enabled the turnstile. The next room is the suitcases. Since we were only traveling with a carry, we left directly.

In case you have not previously investigated, the value of the rate is 70 reais per day per person and payment is mandatory. It is supposed to be intended for the care and conservation of the Island and at least the island is well cared for, so let’s hope that’s the case.

2. How to get to the hotel in Fernando de Noronha

We left the airport and headed to the bus stop. collective. We already knew in advance that the transfer to the inn would cost us something like 30 reales against the 5 reais The bus was leaving and since we were not loaded with luggage we opted for the last option.

There is only one bus line that moves along the only main road on the Island. The bus ahead carries the only 2 directions, southeast beach or porto. To go to the downtown side you have to take the one that says porto. You pay when boarding directly to the driver. In just 10 minutes we were getting off 4 blocks from our hotel. Check with the driver when getting on at which stop you have to get off.

We used it several times on the Island and the truth is that it leaves you close to everywhere, the only problem sometimes is what it takes, we have waited 30 minutes, it is a matter of luck. Another thing to keep in mind with the issue of transportation is that Fernando de Noronha is completely up and down. So you think that the bus leaves you nearby but those 3 blocks are death. So if they are very loaded it may not be recommended.

3. What to do on the first day in Fernando de Noronha

Between the time we settled in at the inn, it was approximately 2 in the afternoon, something we had already planned. Therefore, it is best to start if you are staying near the center, which in itself is what we recommend. Go to the puppy beach which is the closest to See two remedies. The descent to the beach is cobblestone and on the way back it is hard. Throughout the main avenue that would become the small shopping center of Noronha, we find a supermarket, clothing stores, restaurants, etc.

When we go down we will find this sign that indicates access to the beaches. It was our first contact with the paradise of Noronha and going down the stairs opened our eyes. We were really at the destination we imagined.

Praia do Cachorro

This beach is perhaps one of the busiest both by locals and tourists due to the proximity to the center. But that doesn’t make her less pretty, maybe less calm. Likewise, Noronha is peace, cleanliness and nature on all its beaches, none of them disappointed us. In this case you do not have to pay any fee to enter this beach unlike Praia Do Sancho.

It is also one of the few beaches where we find services, be it a bar, rental of lounge chairs, showers, etc. It is a beach with very calm waters with some shady places, something that is not abundant in Noronha, so be prepared!!! Another thing is the lack of bathrooms and the poor cell phone signal and almost non-existence of Wi-Fi. The good thing is that you clear your mind completely, it was a little complicated for us but it was good for us to rest from the networks!

Here we leave you the bar prices so you can get an idea. Eating on the beach is not much more expensive than eating anywhere, sometimes it is even a better option than a restaurant. Noronha is expensive and you can hardly escape those prices, except by going to the supermarket. To do a quick calculation, eating very calmly is 100 reais per meal for every 2 people, and eating well is between 150 and 200.

From this beach you can directly access by crossing some stones to the next beach which is Praia do Meio, where we continue our day and we will be uploading more information.

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