Iconic Railway Travel: Moscow to Saint Petersburg Adventure on the Red Arrow Train

Night came and we had our train from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, the famous Red Arrow, historic for operating from imperial times to the present day.

Precisely, the train leaves at 11:55 p.m. like every night, the benefit of which is that it allows you to enjoy the full day in the city.

If you want to know how to get the tickets or what type of class to choose, here is the post

Our Experience on the Red Arrow from Moscow to Saint Petersburg

We arrived at one of the Moscow stations, Leningradisky , an hour before to be calm and not have to rush around. The platform where it would arrive was not yet announced on the screens and just in case we were in doubt we approached it to ask, anxiety and being in a country where you understand half of the things forces you to ask everything a thousand times. Everything was correct, we would only know about 20 minutes before.

The time has come!! We went through security control and headed to the car that appeared on our tickets. A stewardess for each car was waiting to check the tickets of each passenger. Very elegant with her uniform but quite serious, she checked that everything was correct and she invited us to come in. A red color like the exterior welcomed us with its carpets, curtains and beautiful old-style decorations but a sign of the luxury that it would mean at the time.

Red Arrow cabin

Our cabin was in the middle of the car, the bathrooms at the end. We opened the doors and found what would be our room for the night.

Our first question was what about the bed? We had to sleep on the couch. Would someone come and set it up or would they bring us the sheets?

In the middle of the two armchairs, a quite comfortable table next to the huge window that, despite being at night, we wanted to stick to it throughout the trip.

On the table, cookies, orange juice, chocolate among other snacks. A small bag with slippers, a toothbrush, etc. and towels for the bathroom. We felt like we were traveling in the first seat of an airplane.

Individual lights, plugs, free Wi-Fi, blankets, television, some things that will also be at your disposal.

Not knowing how to assemble the bed, I had to figure out where to put the suitcase since it didn’t fit under the armchairs and we already thought that the table or one of the armchairs would fold up and we wouldn’t be able to put the suitcase anywhere.

Red Arrow Services

Well, none of this happened, once the train started moving one of the stewards approached the cabin. Our salvation just had to pull a lever and the back of the chair would fall over the seat with all the sheets already on, that easy… The problem with the bed and where to put the suitcases was solved, there was plenty of space. In addition, on each chair at the top there was room for bags and backpacks.

The stewardess with her basic English and signs, don’t think that because tourists use it they will know how to speak English, began to ask us what we were going to have for breakfast.

Our fear was that they would charge us for everything and make a fortune, but after several questions they made us understand that everything that was on the table was included and breakfast was also less if we wanted something hot like coffee.

It was difficult to choose something from the menu without knowing very well what we were ordering, so it was a somewhat random choice because the hostess’s face was no longer the best. We only understood that at 7 in the morning she would come to bring us everything.

We went to the bathroom, it was super clean, so for those who are afraid of the shared bathroom, don’t worry, it’s more than fine for a couple of hours.

The train arrived at 8 in the morning and we knew we were going to run out and explore, so we decided to go to sleep. For some it will be annoying, the truth is for us the noise of the train was a sleeping pill, what a nice feeling!!!

Arriving in Saint Petersburg

It was starting to get light, the alarm was starting to ring and the stewardess was knocking on the door to bring us breakfast. But the first surprise was that it was snowing like crazy, and that whole atmosphere of traveling in a cabin on such a luxurious train, with so much history in Russia with a completely snowy landscape, was like WOW, how incredible to be doing this. We didn’t take our faces off the window.

The breakfast was strange, the raw salmon did not give us much confidence so we opted for the cold cuts to eat something. There was only half an hour left to arrive and we hadn’t even changed to leave.

It snowed more and more and our faces were amazed and happy, we had never seen it snow so much and also arriving at a train station gave it that added bonus. All the platforms full of snow made us forget about the cold and just start taking photos.

We left from the Moskovsky station and took an Uber to the hotel since it was snowing so much and having to walk with our suitcases was not worth it because of how cheap the Uber was there, as I said in other posts.

Truly an experience that I recommend, for the train, comfort, saving a night in a hotel, travel time and gaining the possibility of having traveled on one of the most famous trains in the world.

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