Floating Wonders: A Magical Balloon Flight Over Cappadocia, Turkey

The next day we arrived from Istanbul we had scheduled our balloon flight over Capadoccia, we asked every day that it not be suspended and we knew that it was not easy since the previous 3 days it had rained and the weather was not helping, it was also more than It is common for this type of experience to be suspended.

Luckily for us they were 5 am and it seemed that everything was on track. The transport had arrived and we couldn’t get any more excited but we knew that until we were on top of the balloon it could be suspended.

The company we flew with was Royal Ballon, the first on Tripadvisor and the one that gave us a lot of confidence due to the comments that customers left.

First recommendation!! Don’t worry about him breakfast Because when you pick them up, they will first go to the Royal base, which has like a confectionery inside where they offer them a great breakfast included in the price. It is 200 euros per person. Maybe they will find cheaper companies but it is not something we should save on, we always say the same thing, save on shopping, meals but not when your life is at stake, better to be safe. Is it an expensive experience? yes it is expensive but it’s really worth every penny and if you’re there you can’t miss it.

First experience flying in a hot air balloon

We arrived at the base and they showed us the table where we should sit and the bus to take. We only thought about flying but our nerves did not limit us to eating everything. It was 6:30 in the morning and our bus left for the take-off site, it seemed that the moment had arrived and we could live the experience.

A number of trucks passed by us with baskets and balloons on a giant trailer until we began to see some inflating, we couldn’t believe they were so big. We arrived at the place, some balloons were already beginning to take off, our emotions were at their maximum, we couldn’t believe what we were experiencing.

After a few minutes they took out some fans and next to an immense flame our balloon began to inflate and grow more and more; Our faces were just amazed and happy, how difficult it is to explain the feeling of being there!!

The group of 12 persons The person we would share the flight with had the best vibes, as did the balloon pilot who made the experience super fun at all times.

To fly in a balloon over Cappadocia

We climbed into the basket and they gave us some basic instructions until the balloon began to rise, and seeing ourselves up there with that landscape and all the balloons around was WOW And not closing your eyes until we had landed. We did not stop taking photos but we also took our time to enjoy the flight, that silence that at times only appeared the noise of the flare that made our balloon rise or move. See hundreds of balloons At your side, at times it seemed as if everything was frozen and we had stopped in time, a truly incredible experience.

After about an hour of flight we began to descend, fear never appeared in us, it was all enjoyment, it is a very relaxed activity Cheer up because I assure you that it will be something you will never forget. As if that weren’t enough, we got off the balloon and some glasses of champagne appeared to toast the moment we were experiencing. We received medals as winners of our first balloon trip and returned to the hotel. We have the best memory of the best activity we experienced in our lives and with every desire to repeat it sometime.

We thanked Royal Ballon because they really go above and beyond with the services from the moment they pick you up until they drop you off at the hotel, worrying that everything goes well and putting the best vibes on you so that you have an even better time.

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