Fernando de Noronha Chronicles: 5 Days of Sun, Sea, and Exploration

Fernando de Noronha is beaches, nature and enjoying that. The main activities are diving, trekking and getting to know all the tourist places that the destination offers.

There are not many excursions to do, except the most famous, which is the boat ride to see dolphins. Afterwards it all depends on you, what you want to do, drive or walk.

First day on Noronha Island

On our first day we didn’t do much more than go to Praia do Cachorro since as we explained in the previous post, we arrived late and decided to go to the closest beach.

Praia do meio and Conceicao

From Praia do Cachorro, we cross towards Praia do Meio by the stones that separate one beach from the other.

Praia do Meio is much wider, I would say one of the largest on the island but at the same time more deserted. Here there are no services, chairs, nothing, but there is a lot of peace.

We almost didn’t stay, we took the opportunity to jump into the water for a bit and walk towards the next one. The nice thing about noronha is that you can leave everything lying around anywhere and nothing happens!! The island is super safe.

To move to Conceicao We had to go up some stairs and go through the Bar do Meio, a famous bar in Noronha where you play good music, have good drinks and you can enjoy the sunrise, lying on some of its lounge chairs.

It is expensive? yes like everything noronha, there is no exception hahaha

We enjoyed the sunset lying on the beach, and we wanted to return to this bar one night for dinner and at 9 p.m. it had closed. So it is oriented only to have a drink or lunch.

What to do in Fernando de Noronha on the second day

Our recommendation is to do Baia do Sancho, if the day is going to be nice. The ideal is to be able to meet her, first because you never know how the next few days will be, and second because you will want to come back for at least one more day.

On this second day we also visited mirante dos irmaos which has the information in the Baia do Sancho post and from there we left the Fernando de Noronha National Park again to head to Bahía dos porcos.

Cacimba do padre and Bahia dos porcos

To get to Bahia dos porcos you first have to go through the Cacimba do Padre beach. This is a fairly open beach, which means it has quite a bit of waves and wind. It wasn’t one of our favorites but it’s nice to watch the sunset, there are lounge chairs and it’s super spacious.

To cross two porcos you first have to climb some stone stairs and when you arrive, walk between stones to reach the small bay that is formed.

There is not much sand and it disappears when the tide starts to rise, which also makes the return a little difficult, so keep that in mind.

The water is super clear, so bring your snorkeling equipment, we even saw some turtles. But I can tell you that it is not a beach to spend a lot of time relaxing, at least it seemed that way to us. There is no type of service here either.

Beautiful photos of the 2 twin stones are also taken from this beach. And on the way between Cacimba and two porcos you can access a beautiful viewpoint from which you have incredible views of both beaches and the stones. We highly recommend it to see the sunset.

From Cacimba, if you are not moving with the buggy, you have to walk a long way to the bus stop, so be prepared and try not to be too loaded.

Third day in Noronha

As I mentioned, something you have to do in Fernando de Noronha is take a boat ride to see the dolphins. Some do it on more private boats, others on more popular ones or even by canoe. In short, the point is to navigate a little and have these beautiful animals jump in front of you to enjoy a natural spectacle that is priceless. Well if you have it… but it’s worth every penny.

It is also something we recommend do as soon as possible because if the weather does not help, navigation will not be very pleasant.

We had been finding out prices the day before and everyone asked us forbetween 250 and 400 reais depending on the quality of the boat.

However we decided to go directly to the port very early in the morning and negotiate it there.

We arrived to 140 reais per person on a quite popular boat that was not the most advisable, but the dolphins appeared, so the objective was accomplished.

Boat around the island of Fernando de Noronha to see dolphins

The tour lasts about 3 hours and visits the main points on the side of the island where Baia do Sancho is located, to end up on that beach doing snorkel.

The truth is that just seeing the dolphins was enough for us. But the thing is that they sell a boat ride and not an excursion to see dolphins because the result is not assured. However, 90% of the time they are seen.

We sailed for about 30 minutes until they began to jump in front of the bow of the boat. You can imagine that they were more than happy to see them.

Another difference in terms of prices is that some sell it to you with lunch. On the other hand, we preferred to go to lunch wherever we wanted afterwards.

Anyway On the boat they sold drinks and some skewers to eat something.

Boldro beach and Costa Azul trail

From the port we asked some tanos if they would take us in their buggy, there it is very normal to share them, we even take people when we rent ours.

We head to the center where buy tickets to do the trails which can only be accessed with a guide. One of them was atalaia, which we saw was listed as recommended but was already sold out. So keep in mind that if you are interested in doing trails, go the first day and maybe get it for the last days you are on the island.

From the center we walk to Boldro beach, similar to Cacimba because it is wide, windy and with waves. There is a nice stop to have a bite to eat but the bad thing is a beach with almost no shade. Except for some large stones that allow you to hide a little from the sun.

Here there was quite ordinary and at one point it was difficult for us to return, be careful!!

We were sunbathing on the beach when we saw 2 people starting to cross between the stones towards the next beach.

The problem is that on the other side we couldn’t see anything since an interesting little mountain separated us. We could only check through Google Maps that the journey was not that long.

Of course it wasn’t long but it was quite difficult, yes, it was beautiful. When we arrived we realized that without knowing we had done the Côte d’Azur trail.

The landscape was incredible and we enjoyed one of the best sunsets on the island, but if you are not wearing sneakers, forget about doing it because you have to jump between the stones and it requires a little effort.

We appeared in Conceicao and from there we walked to the inn. A long and tiring day but one that left us with many incredible images of this place.

What to do in Fernando de Noronha 4 or 5 days

Our fourth day in Noronha started very early in the morning by going diving. It is a highly recommended place with a lot of life and I tell you that if you are going to dive DO NOT do the dolphin excursion or at least go diving before booking this excursion.

Probably, like what happened to me, they also jump in front of the diving boat. And I assure you that the experience was much better since there were only a few people on the boat.

Touring Fernando de Noronha Island in a Buggy

That day, starting at 12 noon, when we knew we were returning from diving, we rented a buggy for about 300 reais. All the places asked us for the same thing, and this is more fuel, which was about 70 reais more. The truth is that it is an expensive rental but we wanted to have fun for a while and get to know some places on the island faster.

So we grabbed the buggy and went to southeast beach.

To rent the buggy they don’t ask you anything, just pay and use it in peace. Keep in mind that they are manual transmission, a little hard and the roads, except for the main route, are mostly dirt.

Southeast Beach

It was one of our favorites, because of the calm of its waters, colors and having so much life. Don’t be scared but to enter you will have to pass by baby sharks.

YES we thought about every step and even though we didn’t see anyone bathing we had to go ask if entry was safe,

Don’t worry, nothing happens, only at 4 p.m. they start clearing the beach because it seems that the mother of the babies is coming and everything rots there… This is Noronha, direct contact with nature.

There are places to park on all the beaches and none of them can be accessed by car. Here there is a terrace with a restaurant where we took advantage of lunch and the prices were not that expensive. Lockers to leave your things, although it is not necessary. And also rental of vests, masks, etc.

These beaches are at the other end of the island, so if you rent the buggy for just one day, I recommend that you do this itinerary that we did.

To be able to snorkel on this beach it is divided into 2 areas. In one, the use of a vest is mandatory and they sell you a guide to take you to see the turtles.

Leao viewpoint and beach

From the southeast we went to Leao, which we only accessed to take some photos since they told us that we could not go into the water because of the strong waves and currents. Here they also ask for a National Park card like in Sancho.

So we returned to the southeast beach, passing through the viewpoint beforehand.

Sunset at Americano and Boldró Fort

Americano was a beach that we really liked because it was super quiet and had a view of a beautiful sunset. To get there you first have to go down some stones, as happens repeatedly in Noronha.

We stayed for a while more than anything sunbathing and relaxing and decided to go look at the sunset from Boldro fort.

It is one of the most popular spots on the island, it fills up, everyone arrives with their buggies, there is a very good atmosphere. There is a little bar to have a drink and I would tell you that it is a bit far to walk there.

The fall was spectacular because it was the clearest day of those of us who were on the island.

Our fifth day on the island

On day 5 we decided to go very early in the morning to snorkel in the port to see if we saw dolphins but we had no luck. We did see 3 beautiful turtles.

We repeat Sueste and Baia do Sancho our 2 favorites. Therefore, in 4 days they get to know all the beaches and with a fifth day it is enough for them to repeat the ones they liked the most. The truth is that we We do not recommend less than 5 days Because the first and last ones waste the flight time and you also pay a lot to enter the island to visit it for so few days. But hey, if you only have 3 or 4 days and you have the money, do it anyway.

We were 6 days on the island and the last one, as we had to go to the airport in the afternoon, we repeated Puppy again. This time we saw the natural pools that form on the side of the beach between the stones. Quite a spectacle. Furthermore, despite being one of the most popular puppies, it is also one of the cutest.

You can arrive at the airport an hour early with peace of mind, only Gol and Azul operate. They must first check in with the airline and then go to check out payment of fees so that they can check if they paid correctly for the days they were on the island.

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