Fairy Tale Adventure: Making the Most of 24 Hours in Cappadocia

Our first days in Istanbul had not been the best in terms of weather, since it had mostly rained and that discouraged us a little from wanting to travel to Cappadocia for what mattered most to us: fly in a balloon.

We knew that there were very few possibilities of being able to fly, however we already had everything organized so we headed to the destination that we were so excited about.
For those who have never heard of this destination, it is basically a unique place in the world for its Rocky formations which have been acquiring different forms over the years, turning these places into a spectacle to behold. Furthermore, the rock allowed man to make them his habitat in a natural and artificial way. It was also a place of constant invasions, which is why we will find a large number of underground cities that were built for the purpose of protection.

How to get to Cappadocia

It was the first question that arose when we saw that Cappadocia as a city did not exist but is a historical region that encompasses several cities and not as a city itself. There are also no airports in the cities where the main points of interest are located, but rather they are just a stone’s throw away. 1 hour trip approximately.
There are 2 options, one is Nevsehir and the other that of Kaisery which was the one we chose due to the flight offer since in case one was suspended we knew that we were not going to have problems. Both flights are just over an hour.

Flight from Istanbul to Cappadocia

First piece of advice is that if you are going to fly to Cappadocia and stay in Istanbul again, do it in the same hotel so that you can leave your suitcases and do not have to move around with so much luggage. We take our flight from the airport Ataturk in the afternoon and we arrived at Kaysery where the transfer that we had coordinated with the hotel. If you search online there are also companies that sell it and it is cheaper there, but we wanted to have the peace of mind that it was well organized and we would get to our hotel, so we went for the easy option. It cost us 10 euros per person per section.
Also when viewing the flights, check which airport they depart from and return to Istanbul, since from the Istanbul airport Sabiha Gökçen There is no good connection to the center.

The most economical option if you have time is to take the bus, it is 12 hours, we prefer to spend it on getting to know you, but know that this possibility exists.

Accommodation in Cappadocia

After an hour of travel we arrived at the Kayakapi premium caves hotel, where we were going to stay for the next 2 nights. There are all kinds of hotels in Capadoccia but if you have the possibility, my recommendation is to choose one that is inside the famous caves. Ours was one of them and it left us fascinated from the first moment we arrived. Not every day one sleep inside a cave…

There are several cities to choose from where to stay, we were in Urgup but you can choose Goreme , it’s just that it seemed much more touristy to us, it’s a matter of taste… . Everything is very close. From our room we had an incredible view as at the same time that the interior is all made of stone, a giant room even with a fireplace made our stay feel like a storybook.

What to see in Cappadocia by scooter

That night we went to sleep as early as we could because the next day we had the expected balloon flight and of which we already told our experience in this post

Once it was over we returned to the hotel and without rest in between we rent a scooter to go out and see all the towns in Cappadocia. Without a doubt, the best option is to do it on your own, it is really not necessary. hire guide unless they are very interested in the data of the place. Moving with the motorcycle through those landscapes was the best option as well as managing our times, taking the photos we wanted without anyone rushing us.

We were a little cold, but the day had been so incredible that it made the suffering less. Maybe a car would have been a better option but it always limits a little more where to get in or stop anywhere to take a photo of the landscapes. For all the places they will have parking space and there is no one to charge for it, or at least they haven’t asked us for anything, so don’t worry about that.

This was the exact detail of what we did and we could have done a little more but the afternoon was already falling and the cold was beginning to feel too cold to drive the scooter.

How many days to dedicate to Cappadocia

That’s why recommendation The thing is that if you only want to go one day to fly in a balloon, take a flight in the afternoon the day before flying to arrive calmly, the next day you have the flight very early in the morning and from 10 you are free to explore everything. Even better if they leave the return flight for the next day after noon, since if the balloon is canceled they have a second chance to fly.

For us it was essential to have a cell phone with data because the directions are not very good. I don’t know if other agencies would give a map, in our case they gave us the motorcycle and we got ready.

What to do in Cappadocia besides flying in a balloon

The first of the places to visit was Pasabag Valley or Valley of the Monks, One of the many valleys and one of the most important, a few kilometers from Goreme, is this spectacular landscape, and the best of all is that you can go up wherever you want and no one will be there to tell you not to go there or don’t go up that way. On the other hand, everyone assumes their own risk. Another positive point is that entry is free.

Then we wanted to know Cavusin but we never found what we really wanted to see and what we saw did not attract much attention, so we soon left the place. We have the idea that we were half lost and we didn’t see what we had to see since most of them include it in the tour.

From there we come to Love Valley or valley of love, which seemed like a place off the tourist route because there was not a soul when we arrived and it seemed to us that it was impossible for the buses to get there due to the way the road is. Admission is also free since it is actually like a viewpoint of the valley. We didn’t go down to meet him. It gets its name from the shape that most of the rocks took. Draw your conclusions…

Goreme Open Air Museum

The next point was Goreme Open Air Museum, in our opinion the most touristy, since in addition to being quite equipped for the tourist, it is the most organized, you can hire a guide in several languages ​​to learn about both the rock formation and the inhabitants of said place. The entrance fee is 15 Turkish liras. There is also the best preserved church, with frescoes for which you have to pay an extra fee.

We continue towards the Uchisar Castle , a place that caught our attention more than anything because of its views, being one of the highest points in the region. Obviously it is also fascinating to think that it is all a rock formation and that you find yourself climbing stairs inside and visiting something so wonderful.

We pass through Pigeons Valley, which receives that name because of the holes that the pigeons have made, but the truth is that it was not one of the ones we liked the most. However, if you are on a motorcycle it is a pass and worth visiting for a few minutes.

Underground Cities

The last place we visited and the furthest away was the Derenkuyo Underground CityIt was quite a few kilometers but it was worth it since it is truly incredible how they managed to build these types of cities and how they lived there for so long. You have to pay 20 Turkish liras per person and it is not recommended at all for those who suffer from claustrophobia, do not have good mobility or physical condition does not help them, because at times there is a bit of shortness of breath and it is quite tiring to be going down and at times crouching because not being able to enter the path that one has to follow.

At times we felt like we were in the countryside, an abandoned and somewhat poor city where it seems that tourism or at least the money from it would not arrive despite supposedly being a fairly important tourist spot. So for those who want to see another type of city, we highly recommend it since we had another image totally different from what we had been seeing.

This is also the underground city of Kaymaklywhich is the largest, but it was many kilometers to do it by motorcycle and we were not going to get there in time.

We had also left the rose valley to see the sunset but the day was completely cloudy so it wasn’t worth it. We loved the valleys but we already saw similarities and we preferred to go and rest a little at the hotel because the tiredness and cold were really killing us. And we are one of those who do not want to leave anything unseen, but we felt that Capadoccia had given us all the best and we needed to regain energy to continue with the trip.

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