Exploring the Latin Quarter and Luxembourg Gardens

Latin Quarter, neighborhood of students and young people, that neighborhood with so much charm in Paris that invites you to explore it both day and night, rain or shine. Those neighborhoods that one walks through and generate sighs, narrow, cobblestone streets, old lanterns that take us a little back in time. Paris falls in love and the Latin Quarter is an example par excellence.

It was one of the first neighborhoods in Paris that we visited since our hotel was a few steps from this place. Precisely 4 blocks from the Luxembourg Gardens but it would almost be within this neighborhood.

We arrive at hotel Saint Paul Rive Gauche old style but well preserved, with good amenities and an excellent location, what interested us the most!!

The Latin neighborhood is like the perfect area to stay in Paris. The prices are not as expensive as other districts, you are almost close to everything and at night it is quite busy.

Of course, always close to a metro station whatever area you choose. In Paris they use the meter and if they don’t want to kill themselves walking they will use it a lot. Avoid places where you only arrive by bus since in Paris there is a lot of traffic and it will take a long time to get to the main points.

Depending on the days you are going to be there, you can check our Paris itinerary

What to see in the Latin Quarter of Paris

If you are going to explore it at a very leisurely pace, it is a place that can be spent up to a full day taking into account the attractions it covers and the places that are close to it.

We can start the day with breakfast in one of its cafes, if our hotel does not include it. Why not the famous one? Flore coffee. This cafe, like other points that I am going to name, is located in nearby districts such as Saint Germain But I mention them together to make it easier.

It has always been a student area and that is why it received this name since Latin was the language used to communicate. It was one of the most important points that gave rise to the revolution from different movements generated in said neighborhood.

The main streets are Boulevard Saint Michelle that would not be part of the neighborhood but that marks one of its limits and Rue Huchette. In the first case we will find shops, bookstores and some bars. While in Huchette there are a few meters of pedestrian street basically with restaurants and bars, by the way good prices to go to lunch or dinner.

They generally offer menus with starter, main course and dessert. What is not included is the drink so check the value to avoid a surprise, we paid a total of something like 12 euros per person, quite good for Paris and having eaten a salty creppe, main course and a sweet creppe. Without a doubt, the Latin neighborhood is an option for eat cheap in paris

Ile de la Cité

If we did not have breakfast we would start very early on the Ile de la Cité, an island that is located on the Seine River and where we have as points to visit mainly the Cathedral of Notre Dame and Saint Chapell.

Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral

It is one of the oldest Gothic style cathedrals in the world, obviously one of the most famous and most striking. It was built between 1163 and 1245 with some renovations over the years, dedicated with its name to the Virgin Mary. Not only famous as tourists but also for different historical events such as the beatification of Joan of Arc and the coronation of Napoleon.

To know its interior, they offer Guided visits However, we visited it on our own due to time constraints. The same ones are free but in Spanish there was only one time that was very late for us.

The entrance The cathedral is free so it is worth entering and it is beautiful inside. However, what is most appealing is to visit and climb its two towers where we can also access the bell tower from where we have beautiful views of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and be next to the gargoyles. It was also supposedly where the Hunchback lived so that’s why it’s worth it haha.

Towers of Notre Dame

To enter you have to pay 8 euros entry unless they have the paris pass which includes access. We went very early and went up right away, so we recommend that you go before 10, which is the time after which entry to the towers is allowed.

The cathedral is open from 8am So you can start by visiting the cathedral and then go back to start lining up to go up. If you want to avoid the lines, you can check out beforehand Internet And if not, there is a machine next to where you line up to get your number at the available times.

When we went to get the number I played the Spanish language and it was around 12 noon, when I saw that another person behind me took out the number for the moment, I took it again but in English and then I had to go up right away, so now you know…

The climb is quite tiring, I think it was one of the things that made us most tired of Paris and the trip, I don’t know if it was because it was too early or it really kills you.

You can also visit the Crypt It costs about 7 euros more but we didn’t find it interesting.

Saint Chapelle

On the same island there is another church also in Gothic style and of a similar year of construction. It can be visited from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and its value is 10 euros per person, unless you have the Paris pass.

Inside you can visit the upper chapel where the sacred relicstoday they are located in the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Only the king could access it and the lower chapel was accessible to those who lived in the palace. The most beautiful thing is its stained glass windows that illuminate the chapel with their colors.

Once you are done with the tour of the island you can go to lunch on Rue de la Huchette or leave it for dinner.

At the end of this street you can visit the bookstore Shakespare and Company where writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Fitzgerald passed.

If we decide to leave it for the night you can choose somewhere in the Latin Quarter while we walk towards the Church of Saint Etienne

Church of Saint Etienne – Midnight Church in Paris

It is not one of the best known or tourist churches, but it became very famous from the movie Midnight in Paris.

For those who have seen it, the most important scene of the film was filmed here. movie where he is waiting, midnight arrives and the car appears that makes him travel to the past.

If you haven’t seen it, I recommend that you see it to travel around Paris for a little while before visiting it.

A Paris pantheon

It is one of the essentials in Paris because it is truly impressive inside. It was built between 1764 and 1790 and was used for religious purposes. Today the bodies of several of the most important men in French history are found. Among them Rousseau, Voltaire, Alexandre Dumas, Marie Curie and Victor Hugo

These tombs are located in the crypt of this place, while on the main floor what is striking is its decoration and its size.

It is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the entrance fee is 9 euros or free with the Paris Pass.

Luxembourg gardens

We can also start the tour from the Luxembourg Gardens, it all depends on the day it is, the time you are going to dedicate to it, since it is a nice, quiet place to stay for a while enjoying the day despite being one of the busiest. from the city.

If you have a nice day left for the afternoon, we consider it to be the best option.

There are many metal chairs near the main pond or among the statues throughout the garden. The Luxembourg Palace inside is the seat of the Senate, so we understand that it cannot be visited in any way.

Regarding the schedule, it depends on the season they go, it varies, it can close at 5 in winter, in our case it closed at 6:30 p.m. and in the summer it extends until 9 p.m. It is open from 8 am

Once you finish the tour you can go up the boulevard Saint Michelle to the rue de la huchette for dinner and I even recommend returning to Notre Dame to see it illuminated, I’m one of those who needs to see the same places at night, I don’t know about you…

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