Experiencing the Changing of the Guard – Prague Castle Recommendations

In this post we will talk a little more about what we can do in Prague Castle and in the next one about Mala Strana

Visiting Prague Castle

Without a doubt, Prague Castle is one of the most important points of Prague and in my opinion the most striking thing to see from various points of the city. It represents the history of Prague, its medieval period and the beginnings of this beautiful city.

Thanks to the construction of this castle, the first settlements began to grow around it and today invite you to waste hours and hours exploring them.

The castle is not just what you think of as the typical construction you see in the movies, but it encompasses several buildings to the point that it is like a city.

To enter what would be this castle city, you do not need to pay any entrance fee, so you can visit it at any time. They will only have to go through a security check that will check their bags if they are carrying them.

I recommend entering through the opposite door to the main one since you will avoid long lines and you will also have a beautiful point of view to admire the city and be able to take photos in a quiet way.

St. Vitus Cathedral inside Prague Castle

In my opinion, it is the main and most imposing point of the castle due to its Gothic architecture and the magnitude of the construction.

To enter the Cathedral you will notice that there are long lines but it is not necessary to pay. It is necessary to buy the ticket if you want to walk from what would be the last row of pews to go around behind the altar. These tickets are purchased in front of the cathedral.

The cathedral is beautiful but if you don’t have time or don’t want to spend money to enter you will be able to appreciate the most important thing. If you like the architecture and learn even more about the history of this place, visit it since one of the chapels found inside is really beautiful.

Entering from one of the sides you can access the highest tower of the cathedral, for which you also have to pay and this is not included in the ticket that covers several places, but you have to pay separately.

You have to climb a staircase that is sometimes quite narrow and has several steps, but I assure you that when you reach the top you will be grateful. The views are incredible as it is the highest point in the city beyond Mount Petrin.

Royal Palace

To access the Royal Palace you also have to pay the Ticket that includes the Cathedral and here I can say the same as before, for me it is not worth it since compared to the luxury of other palaces or the extension of rooms to visit it seemed little and Not very striking, maybe I missed something but I swear I searched and searched and my thought was, this is only there to see. Obviously it is part of the history of this city but in my opinion it was not the best. Upon entry, they give you audio guides that, as a plus, make you enjoy the tour more.

Gold Alley

Another of the most interesting points of the castle and to visit it you must also pay the Ticket mentioned above. Although we have been told that after 5 in the afternoon you do not have to pay to visit it. Therefore, if you do not want to pay the ticket that includes the palace, cathedral and this alley, go after that time, since I do recommend visiting this little street. The ticket is used to know the 3 points mentioned, that is, they must decide if they know everything or not.

Alchemists, goldsmiths and until recent times artists lived in this alley, among them Franz Kafka, more precisely in house No. 22.

Nowadays, these little houses sell souvenirs or show their interior to get a little idea of ​​what daily life was like in previous times, and although they look very pretty on the outside, they were not very comfortable on the inside. Imagine that in In some cases you even have to bend down to enter.

Negative point, like any tourist place, depending on the time you go, it is almost impossible to walk it, so avoid going during the times that the tours arrive because you will not enjoy it to the fullest.

I also recommend attending the changing of the guard that takes place at 12 noon in the First Courtyard and at the gates of Prague Castle. As you will have to stay outside the castle behind the main door, if you want to have a good view of the entire changing of the guard you should stay on the left side of the door. It lasts approximately half an hour.

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