Discovering the Streets of Mala Strana in Prague

In the previous posts we explained that Prague could be divided for tourism into Mala Strana and Stare Mesto or old city. To know what to visit in Prague, we must know that in Mala Strana we could include Prague Castle, which we have already talked about and now we will talk about the surroundings and what you can do in this part of the city.

What neighborhoods to visit in Prague (Mala Strana)

I consider Mala Strana and actually all of Prague to be a city to walk until you’re tired because it has beautiful monuments such as its castle or the Charles Bridge, but in my opinion the most beautiful thing is to get lost in its typical little streets.

I say this because mainly Mala Strana is a neighborhood that I think you have to visit in Prague to walk around it. It is where I saw the least tourism and because of this I think I was able to enjoy this part of the city more. Most tourism is concentrated in Stare Mesto, that is, on the other side of the bridge and they only come to Mala Strana to visit the castle. They really miss an incredible part of the city because I have seen how the tours arrive at the castle with the buses, the tourists descend, enter the castle, walk around and leave, missing everything that is around. Therefore, I highly recommend that you spend a few hours exploring Mala Strana whether you go alone or with a tour (they always give you a day off).

Taking into account the castle in Mala Strana, there is not much to visit but as I said before there is to walk and be enchanted by those buildings and streets that make you want to take a photo in each one.

The main point is Mala Strana Square, which can be reached easily by walking or even why not get on one of the trams to get to know the city and get off right at that station.

Interesting streets to see in Prague

From said square you can take the street Nerudova, one of the main ones where you will find hotels and restaurants next to each other. We always have lunch and dinner in these surroundings and the truth is that the food is very good and the prices are quite good. This street is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Mala Strana.

In the Mala Strana Square There is the Church of San Nicolas, very beautiful by the way and dating back to the 18th century. There you can also find the Lichtenstein Palace and the old town hall. On this side of the city you can find a number of baroque palaces that today are offices, embassies and even bars or hotels.

Other streets that I found interesting were Jansky Vrsek, Trziste and Vlasska. In these streets, most of the buildings today are embassies and almost no one walks through these streets, which is why there is an incredible peace that invites you to enjoy the entire route. One of the most important is the Lobkowicz Palace, which today is the German embassy.

Near the Vltava River you can find the wall of John Lennon in tribute to this singer where many people attend to leave messages on the wall. Already on the bank of the river you will have a good view of the Charles Bridge and surely with many fewer people than at the other end of the river.

Likewise, as I said before, even the least touristy street can be the most beautiful and by getting lost you will surely find better things than if you go with an armed tour, so go ahead and let yourself be carried away by the streets of Prague.

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