A Week-Long Trip – Tips for Arrival and Selecting the Perfect Stay

While traveling through Fernando de Noronha we received the news that we had been invited by the tourist office to visit the island of Curacao. We were more than happy to visit a destination that was not so promoted in our country and that we knew had surprising places. It would be our fifth beach destination of the year and we were scared by the fact that everything was starting to look the same.

After all, they are beaches and it could start to get boring, but no! Quite the opposite happened, we had a lot of fun, the beaches surprised us more than we expected and we were eager to return.

How to get to the island of Curacao

In our case we left at 1 in the morning with a Copa Airlines flight bound for Panama. It was a joy and at the same time peace of mind to know that we were flying with this airline. Firstly because we have a Star Alliance mileage account and it is always good to fly with someone from the alliance, and secondly because we had already flown several times and we know that they do not fail with the schedule and the attention is first class.

It was 7 hours to Panama City, where we had a 2-hour stopover. During the stopover we walked around the airport a bit and rested at the Copa VIP Club until boarding the plane that would take us to the Island of Curacao.

We only had a 2-hour flight to the island and an even better experience because we did it in business class. As you will see with greater comforts and an excellent food service on board.

At the Curaçao airport

The first surprise upon arrival was the airport on the island of Curacao, a modern airport, almost new. We expected to get off the plane by stairs as happens in all Caribbean airports, but no! Despite being small, it has several sleeves, I understand that it must be because large KLM planes arrive from Amsterdam.

So the heat shock wasn’t that strong, but it was felt as soon as we went out to the parking lot to look for the car. Not only did we go in the hottest season, but also in one of the weeks that was the hottest on the island. From now on I can tell you that September is not the best month to visit, especially with children and older people. Yes, the water was beautiful!!! But they told us that it doesn’t usually vary much the rest of the year.

We were not asked to enter or leave either. no vaccination certificate nor did we have to pay any fee. Just fill out the entry form.

Accommodation in Curacao: Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort

From the airport we went directly to the first of the 3 accommodations that we were going to visit on the Island of Curacao. Listed as one of the best hotels on the island, for its beach, services and facilities.

we had some 30 minutes from the airport It is not a hotel close to the center and is even far from what would be the main roads of the island, since it is located within a fairly large complex.

Therefore, if you do not rent a car, it is not a hotel that I recommend if you are going to want to move around and not live in a hotel life. For everything else, it is highly recommended.

Upon arrival we got into a golf cart that took us to our room. The Italian Tuscan style building, 3-story construction with open-air walkways that run along the beach. Ours was one of the last and with a view of the sea.

Is the hotel and the Island of Curacao expensive?

Máxima, queen of Holland, stayed at the Santa Barbara, so don’t expect cheap prices. The island is not the most economic compared to other Caribbean islands, but there is a lots of options if you want to escape from the expensive. Unlike Fernando de Noronha, for example, where prices are expensive throughout the island, unless you go to the supermarket.

The hotel has restaurants but it only includes breakfast, everything else is paid separately. A fairly large pool but we hardly used it. The biggest applause goes to him the beach what a pool!!!

By having a pier along its entire length and at the same time being inside a channel, the waves from the boats lose their intensity when they hit the pier and no longer have the strength to reach the shore.

It is not allowed to bathe on the other side of the pier but it is not necessary either since next to it and on the permitted side, there is enough depth, even to dive and swim among the fish.

To get to know the hotel and enjoy its facilities no need to stayYou can also pay for the day to access it or we have even seen small groups arriving on excursions.

It is a more than recommended beach to go with boys being so calm and shallow on the shore.

Our first day was spent completely at the hotel, getting settled, getting used to the heat and enjoying this wonderful place.

Some things to keep in mind when traveling to the island of Curacao

Where to stay on the island of Curacao:

If you are going to rent a car, don’t worry about where, but if you want to do it right, our recommendation is that Divide your stay into 2 hotels or apartments (There is a lot of supply of these too). The first near the center or at least in that area, which would also include Santa Barbara. If not centrally located, you have to look for Punda or Otrabanda.

And the second stay should be near the western beaches, which are the best beaches on the island of Curacao. As a reference you can have Kenepa Beach.

Regarding this, it is good to spend a minimum a week on the island to get to know as many things as possible, although they will not be able to rest much. Otherwise they will have to spend 2 days living in a hotel and then take a look at the most important beaches, which are about 8.

How to get around Curacao

The best is rent a car , without hesitation. You can do it beforehand or directly on the island. There are even cheap options like motorcycles, quadricycles, buggies. We always recommend download offline maps either Google maps or mapsme. But also to stay connected on the island you can buy a chip with data at UTS premises, for approximately 20 dollars with 3 GB

There are many beaches to visit and the distances are 50 km. There is collectives which moves throughout the island but can sometimes leave them a little far from the beaches. And in turn they happen every 2 hours so you have to look for the schedules beforehand to know when it happens exactly and not miss it.

I can travel without knowing English

Yes re! On the island of Curacao, they speak Papiamento a mixture of English, Dutch and Portuguese. They know these 3 languages ​​and several know Spanish because it is mandatory in schools. So they will always be able to make themselves understood in some way. The people are friendly and always willing to help you.

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