A Guide to Procuring Train Tickets in Russia: Red Arrow and Beyond

It is normal for people traveling to Russia to use Russian trains or the plane to move around Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the 2 main cities of this country. Obviously they are going to arrive at one of them and after visiting it they will want to go to the other.

In the case of the plane, I do not consider it the best option unless the price makes sense, since between the hours you have to be before and the distance from the airport, much more time is lost than doing it by train.

Therefore in that case the trains in Russia They are the best option.

In our case we take the Red Arrow to go from Moscow to Saint Petersburg an experience that we will tell in our next post but that we will detail the procedure to obtain these tickets, which applies to any other.

Using the official Russian train website

The good thing about this is that you will save the costs of intermediaries The bad thing is that it is a little more complicated and as you progress you feel like you might screw up… But don’t worry, it’s simple and safe.

The link of the official page is the following

The first thing you must do is register. At the top of the page it says registration, there you go to the next page in April where you must fill out your information. Once they have everything complete, they will click create an account and they will receive a confirmation email to validate the account.

Choose the route you are going to take. From St. Petersburg to Moscow or vice versa

Once you are logged in, on the next screen you will complete the data corresponding to the trip you want to take. In this case it will be Moscow – Saint Petersburg Where it says round trip you should only select it if you are going to do the round trip. And tickets can only be purchased up to 90 days in advance. Don’t worry about whether there will be more than one person because you will select that later.

What train are you going to make the journey with?

Once you select buy ticket, different trains with schedules will appear. In the case of the route we selected, they have slow, fast and night trains with or without a bed.

The best options we consider are the Red Arrow because of its special and historic nature, which takes about 8 hours, leaving at 11:55 p.m., and the Sapsan, which takes only 4 hours during the day.

In the case of the Sapsan they will have different departure times, obviously being a speed train it is more expensive. Then on each train they will be able to choose the class that increases in price by offering better comfort.

We can tell you about the case of the Red Arrow, which was the one we used. So that they are not confused with another one, it leaves only at 11:55 p.m. and the number is 002A.

In the Red Arrow they have 3 class options. The 2nd class has 4 beds, upstairs and downstairs, where if there are not 4 you will share with other passengers. 1st class where there are only 2 beds but sharing a bathroom for the carriage or else the option with a private bathroom is obviously the most expensive.

We chose the 1st class with shared bathroom.

Choosing seats on trains in Russia

Once you have selected 1st or 2nd class, the option will open to you to choose a car, room and bed. It is at this moment where you can select the number of beds that will be used if there are more than 1 person.

In this case I chose car 2, beds 5 and 6. The yellow thing in the middle is the table, don’t be confused with the fact that it is divided. The division is made by the blue lines.

Having chosen everything, press Go to passenger data entry and seat selection. There are all the personal data of each passenger and the selection of rates if they are children or adults. If there is more than one, you have to select ad passanger under the insurances. Get rid of insurance. Once they have everything they are going to reserve places

Once they have confirmed, a summary of the reservation will appear to go to the payment and complete with their card information. In our case we had to call our bank because it did not authorize the payment, so if you want to anticipate, call the bank before paying and tell it that you are going to make a purchase from this page for the corresponding amount.

When payment is made and you send your reservation by email, you will receive these tickets. You can also find them if you enter your profile on the official website.

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