A Closer Look at Costa Rica’s Premier Coastal Paradise

From Monteverde we started the trip towards Manuel Antonio but stopping previously in Herradura to visit Playa Blanca and Isla Tortuga.

During the road of death as they call it, we saw some girls who had a flat tire so we stopped and went down to help them. It is a complicated road for a car and they don’t know how they left the cover. We lost a few minutes but you always have to help others, you never know when you might need a hand.

Having already taken the cement road, we passed by the Tarcoles River bridge where you can see quite a few crocodiles swimming in its waters. It is quite high and they can see us from very close but it is good to stop for a few minutes since it is in passing. We bought a pineapple on the same bridge, they cut it for us there and we continued our trip.

Herradura is a good place to stop since it is halfway along the road and has nearby places like Jacó but it is much quieter.

We were stopping at an incredible condominium in Marina Los Sueños where we felt for a while as if we were at home but with all the luxuries.

Mantas Beach

Getting to Playa Blanca is not impossible but it has its difficulties. Direct access to that beach is restricted and can only be accessed by those staying in the hotels that are on said beach. But…. This does not mean that it is impossible but that it will be a little more difficult than any other. Is it worth doing it? Can I give you the answer if I tell you that it was our favorite beach in Costa Rica?

To get there by car you have to go to Playa Mantas. The good thing about this place is that it has the most organized parking we saw anywhere in Costa Rica. A super new parking lot with barriers, with the checkpoint of the person who charges you and takes care of them, bathrooms and showers.

We started walking to Playa Mantas to go to the end of it and be able to cross to Playa Blanca, but no. At that moment and upon asking we found out that we did not have to climb or cross to the other side like any of the other beaches but that in this case the passage depended on the tide being low.

It just came down in 2 hours so we stayed enjoying Playa Mantas which in itself is also very beautiful and quiet. Of course, there is not even a stall to buy anything, it is all very wild. What we did notice was that the closer we got to the south the water was getting warmer. The good thing is that there were several trees and palm trees so we could relax a little when we wanted to rest from the sun.

The crossing to Playa Blanca was beginning to appear but it was full of stones and we were with backpacks with cameras, etc.

We waited for it to go down a little more and we encouraged ourselves, crossing on some sides without seeing what was below but trying with one foot before sinking. The most dangerous thing is that in many cases the stone is very slippery so take that into account.

White beach

Regarding the tide times, they vary a lot but if you want to go early you should come very early in the morning and you will have to stay until approximately 4pm when it starts to go down, before that it is impossible to return unless you do it by swimming. At 5 pm I would tell you that the stone is almost all outside and you can cross it with complete peace of mind, both to return or to see Playa Blanca if you have just arrived.

Once you pass the stone crossing there is a very small beach surrounded by mountains. However, it doesn’t end there, because you have to cross to the other side of the mountains climbing holding on to a rope. It is not difficult at all but obviously impossible for children and older people.

On the other side we were surprised by a fairly wide beach and a beautiful sunset without anything blocking our eyes. A sea with almost no waves and a fairly hot temperature that at times didn’t make you want to get in.

We stayed in the sea until it began to get dark and we remembered that we had to return. I don’t know if it was the difficulty of getting there, the calm of the beach or the incredible sunset we saw but that beach ended up becoming our favorite in Costa Rica.

We returned to the parking lot, changed and paid the 1000 colones that the stay cost. After driving a few meters we realized that the tire was flat, so everything we had had a good time fell apart in a second hahaha. I assure you that at night and with the heat it was not good at all. But it was just an anecdote since we changed and started the trip to the hotel.

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