A 2-Day Expedition through Lima’s Historical and Modern Marvels

Lima has always been considered a transit city because it is where stops are made with other Latin American countries, or even to go to other parts of Peru, however, there is a lot to visit in Lima in 2 days. In itself, our time in Lima was somewhat obligatory before we wanted to get to know Cusco. But over time it has begun to grow and attract attention, now being a tourist attraction that has a lot to offer. In itself, we really enjoyed Lima and we are happy for having dedicated this time to it.

Throughout these 48 hours we visited the different most striking tourist spots in the city that you can also enjoy on your visit to Lima in 2 days.

How to get around to visit Lima in 2 days

To move calmly in the city, as it is a 2-day visit and to shorten times, you can do it in Uber because the cost does not differ from public transportation, being approx. U$S 3 to 5 dollars each trip. Cabify is another platform that also works, although we always find it a little more expensive.

You can travel in bus and subway since it is fast and is highly recommended. For this you will need the Metropolitano card that is available at any bus station and the ticket costs US$2.

With respect to money exchange, we exchange dollars at the hotel. It can also be changed on the street, at bus terminals and at the airport.

To move around it is also key to download the city map to use it without data or in any case have a chip to use mobile data at destination. We travel with Claro América but otherwise you have the possibility of traveling with Hola Sim or buying a chip in Peru.

Gastronomic proposal in Lima

We know that Peru is one of the destinations chosen par excellence to enjoy good food, due to the variety of its dishes and its maritime flavors.

Peru was chosen at the World Travels Awards in South America in 2022, for the eighth time, as the best culinary destination in Latin America, thanks to the diversity of its lands and its multicultural history.

The best-known and recommended places to visit in Lima in 2 days are in the Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro neighborhoods finding some with Michelin stars.

These are the ones we can recommend to visit in Lima in 2 days

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Miraflores neighborhood – What to visit in Lima in 2 days

The Miraflores neighborhood is the most touristy and beautiful in the city, which you should definitely visit if you are going to visit Lima in 2 days. You can see how well cared for the parks are with their flowers, the neat grass and everything very clean.

You can walk around quietly or you can choose to do so. cyclingthis is used with an application in which you register with a credit card and the first 30 minutes are free, after an hour they will charge you 2 Soles.

June 7 Park and John F. Kennedy Park

These are the main ones in the city, since they became a space for culture and art. You can see both craft fairs and stages with all kinds of recreational activities, street artists and other tourist attractions.

Parque 7 de Junio ​​is the central park of Miraflores and is named in honor of National Flag Day. It has a roundabout for the public and the Chabuca Granda Amphitheater, which offers different cultural shows. It is an open cultural center concept, since it became an urban space full of life to encourage outdoor social activities to enjoy with family or friends.

The Painters’ Passage deserves separate attention. In it you will find works made by Peruvian artists of different techniques, whose permanent exhibition and sale are a tourist attraction. Another must-see attraction within the June 7 park are the famous food carts.

In John F. Kennedy Park, what will catch your attention the most is that it is full of kittens. This has been the case since the early 90s, when remodeling works were carried out for the park because they noticed that it was filled with rodents and insects. The municipality workers raised a couple of cats whom they let out to walk through the squares and thus discovered that they scared away pests. Since then, many kittens live freely in the park for this purpose, apart from also being a beautiful attraction for tourists. There are several groups in the Miraflores district that are in charge of caring for the felines and, if necessary, are also in charge of finding homes for them.

Grau Park and Chino Park

These continue along the route bordering the coastline with sea views that are the most beautiful thing about the place, where you can see the surfers on the coast and also those who paraglide from the viewpoints.

The beauty and cleanliness of the parks and all of them are always remarkable. Free access.

Grau Park was named in honor of Admiral Miguel Grau, who developed a brilliant military career in the navy and became a deputy. What you enjoy most about this park is the viewpoint area where you can sit and rest with an incredible view of the city’s waterfront.

The Chinese Park of Miraflores is located in an area with easy access along the same coastline. It was created in the midst of the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru, seeking to represent the 172 years of Chinese immigration to this country. The way it is decorated and the beautiful views of the coast make it a magical place, highlighting the artificial lake and the granite lions, brought especially from the Republic of China.

Marina Lighthouse Park,

You can also reach this park by walking along the waterfront. The Lighthouse was built in 1900 and installed on that site by the Peruvian Navy in 1973 on behalf of the Navigator. It is one of the best-known spots in Lima for its history and also for its gastronomic offering.

Love Park

You will find it by continuing along Avenida Larco. Inaugurated in honor of Valentine’s Day, as it is the favorite viewpoint for couples who choose to watch the sunset at this panoramic point in the park.

It welcomes you with a heart-shaped flower garden and beautiful benches decorated with colorful tiles that invite you to enjoy the fresh air. In the center of the park there is a sculpture called “the kiss” made by the artist Víctor Delfín, being the main icon of the place.

While passing through Larco Avenue, you can visit the Larcomar Shopping Center, which has recognized brands, so don’t expect to find many offers, but rather to get to know them. The tour through the Miraflores neighborhood would end here and walking along the waterfront you can reach the next neighborhood, which is Barranco.


Definitely when passing through Lima in 2 days you cannot miss the Barranco neighborhood. It is a well-known bohemian neighborhood that invites you to walk from the Cisneros boardwalk to its beautiful parks. In them you can enjoy everything from the views to the different cultural entertainment spaces.

You can start with the Roy’s Lookout with a view of the entire waterfront and continue walking in search of more gastronomic proposals, since it is one of the neighborhoods of Lima well known for its beautiful restaurant area, a very quiet and picturesque neighborhood with buildings of old, colorful houses and full streets of murals.

Bridge of Sighs,

It will be a nice experience to cross this bridge if you are going to visit Lima in two days. It is a traditional wooden bridge also called the lovers’ bridge, for having been the place that began countless love relationships in Lima. The story also tells that whoever crosses the bridge holding their breath will have their wish fulfilled.

The bridge was initially built in 1876 and after the Pacific War, which completely destroyed it, it underwent a series of reconstructions until today, but it remains part of the tourist icons of Lima.

Below the bridge is the famous descent from the bathrooms through which the ancient fishermen of the area went down to the sea daily, it is a beautiful point where the Barranco connects directly with the beach.

Magical Water Park

You can get there from Barranco by Uber or Taxi which can cost around US$6 and Entrance to the Park costs only US$1. It is beautiful like all the parks in Lima and you will be able to enjoy the light show at night that begins at 7:00 p.m. It’s open every day from 2pm to 10pm and hours may vary on holidays. With the entire park illuminated, you can see the National Stadium just behind, where the Peruvian National Team plays, for those interested in taking a tour.

Lima City Center – What to visit in Lima in 2 days

Main Square

As we have been seeing so far, to complete the visit to Lima in 2 days you cannot miss the center of the city, with its colonial buildings and the history that accompanies them.

It is best to start with the Plaza de Armas, or Plaza Mayor, since it is the most important point in Lima. This is where the city was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro.

In 1821, General San Martín proclaimed the speech of Peru’s independence to begin the process of freedom from the Spanish Government. Reason why the name of the “Major” square was changed to “Armas” square since it was where the pro-independence groups held the armed protest with the intention of proclaiming independence.

In the Plaza de Armas there is the Government House, the Presidential Palace, the Lima Cathedral, among other important buildings from the colonial era. Architecturally speaking, everything is beautiful and we can highlight the care and neatness of Lima’s tourist centers, which makes it so striking.

In 1972 the Plaza de Armas was recognized as cultural heritage of Peru and UNESCO heritage.

You can also witness the Changing of the Guard at the Government Palace every day at 11.45 am. The change is carried out by the military body of the Peruvian government in charge of the Cavalry Regiment.

It will not be in vain to visit, although you cannot enter, the Municipal Palace that was previously the Town Hall. Due to earthquakes or fires that occurred over the years, it was completely rebuilt.

Lima Cathedral – Something you should visit in Lima in 2 days

Built where the Inca worship center was previously located, hiding all evidence of this historic and sacred place of the Inca people. It is a Renaissance construction from the Spanish colonial era and like everything in the city center, it combines the Lima baroque style that characterizes it so much.

It has an internal tour of the entire cathedral, including the museum and its side chapels, where the tomb of Francisco Pizarro is located.

Open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m..

The cost for adults is 10 Suns and children 2 Suns.

Basilica and Convent of San Francisco – Visit in Lima in 2 days

On our trip it was being remodeled so we couldn’t see it, but you can visit it every day from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.. Important for its history and the remarkable Lima baroque-style architecture, the basilica functions today as one of the most important tourist spots in Lima. Under its imposing architecture it hides the catacombs of the conventare a series of underground vaults built especially for members of the brotherhoods.

The cost to enter is 10 Soles per adult and children 1 Sol.

Wall Park.

Just three blocks from the Plaza de Armas is this park that continues to show pieces of Peru’s history. The wall had two objectives: one was to protect the city against attacks by privateers and pirates. The other was to protect it from the onslaught of the river. Built in 1687 and demolished in 1867 due to the gradual expansion of the city, pieces of what were the old homes that were built on the wall are still preserved.

House of Peruvian literature.

This is undoubtedly an essential point to visit in Lima in 2 days, especially for those interested in more cultural tours. This visit is totally free.


In this beautiful house that continues the Lima baroque style of the city, you will be able to enjoy a huge room that also functions daily as a library. It also has several different reading rooms where you can find the best novels in the country among many other collections.

Hours: from 10am to 7pm every day, except Mondays and holidays.

Tagle Palace to visit in Lima in 2 days

This is another great example of the colonial buildings from 1735 that is still preserved over the years. It was built by a merchant who at the time was a very wealthy man, José Bernardo Tagle, who was later designated as Marquis of Torre Tagle, carrying out work in the militia and on war expeditions.

Currently the building functions as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so only some private events are held and they do not offer tourist visits. It is located on the Jirón Ucayali street just a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas.

Jirón de la Unión or Mercaderes Street, Church of La Merced.

It is a nice street and recommended for strolling through shopping venues, but not much more than a short route to reach the Church of La Merced.

This church was built by Fray Miguel de Orenes in 1535 and the Patroness of the Armed Forces of Peru is venerated. It is a beautiful historical point to visit in Lima in 2 days due to its imposing Lima baroque architectural style, as we have been showing in several historical buildings in the city center. And although over the years with the recorded earthquakes it has been renovated, the façade still maintains the classic style of the time.

Visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m..

San Martin Plaza.

In 1988 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is one of the most representative public spaces of the city of Lima, since it functions for today’s society as the epicenter of the demonstrations that have occurred over recent years.

In this square you will also find the Colon Theaterbuilt in 1911 and inaugurated in 1914. Most of the cultural activities of the time were concentrated here, but this began to decline in the 2000s. It has a French academic architectural style and was declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 1972.

The rest of the attractions of the square continue with the same line of historical buildings with imposing facades, but it does not have more activities to do, but rather a walk through a beautiful square in the center of Lima.

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